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Voodoo Spell

Voodoo love spells is a mixture of Christainity and African traditions that occured during the slave trade, this makes voodoo love spells very powerful in achieving the results that you might want to solve your love problems. I use voodoo love spells on divorcess who are trying to get into new relationship, this is because of a lot of bad kharma and forces against a divorcess love. I also use this spell when doing cleansing ceremonies to cleanse people from bad love spells that might have been cast on them by ex-lovers. Voodoo are magical traditions that developed in Haiti, the southern US state of Louisiana, and in Africa.

Origins of voodoo love spells

While all Voodoo originates from Africa, transported to the Western hemisphere as a result of the slave trade, the types of Voodoo practiced around the world may vary widely in belief and practice. However, when Voodoo is depicted in popular culture or otherwise it is typically a reference to Haitian or Louisiana Voodoo. Haitian Voodoo is both a religious and spiritual practice that encompasses not only magical rituals and spells, but also devotion to an assortment of deities, or Lwa. These Lwa are not proper gods in and of themselves but do invoke parallels with angels, demons, and other spiritual beings that intercede between men and God.Haitian Voodoo also embraces the idea of a supreme God, or Bondye, that is not directly accessible by man but only through the intervention of Lwa. It is these Lwa who are primary instruments in the casting of Voodoo spells. While not all Voodoo love spells involve invoking a Lwa, the most powerful certainly do. Each Lwa, or multiple overlapping Lwa, are in charge of various domains. For example, the Lwa Erzulie would be invoked during rituals for love while the one of the Lwa Samhedi’s forms might be invoked during a protection spell or alternately, during a curse.

Voodoo love spells have divisions. A Houngan is a Voodoo Priest, one who handles the rituals and spells necessary to serve his community. Conversely, a Bokur is a Voodoo Priest who specializes in the dark arts. This draws parallels to the Obi man or woman, who was early on associated with the casting of harmful spells, and the Myal man or woman, whose job was to protect individuals from Obeah. And just like in Obeah, these lines are blurred; it was typically an Obi man or woman who acted as a Myalist, while it is almost always a Houngan who does back room work as a Bokur. Voodoo love spells is really a beautifully diverse set of beliefs and practices for every aspect of life. Voodoo is an indigenous organised religion of coastal West Africa from Nigeria to Ghana.

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